The Snäbb Story

While field services are experiencing an international boom, anyone who has had to manage gigs and team members in this industry understands the drudgery: Going through contacts, calling, texting, emailing contractors, calculating hours, circling back with clients and updating information -- all while fielding more calls, texts and emails for the next shift. As if the tedious day-to-day toils weren’t enough, in a burgeoning industry, there’s always a demand for more laborers, which means onboarding talent to the labor pool all while managing and evaluating current technicians, keeping a record of how the business performs and reviewing this information.

We can go on forever about the critical yet manual tasks that easily take up a full day of work and some, but if you are in the business of scheduling labor, you understand. This has been our lives since 2014, when the owner and CEO of Snäbb, Kervin Cotten, embarked on his first endeavor: TechCon, LLC, a now leading audiovisual labor company in Washington, DC. With so many years in the game, and countless hours toiling, we knew there had to be a better solution. Unfortunately, while searching for helpful alternatives, we couldn’t find one that met all our needs and allowed us to do our jobs as efficiently as we knew we could. So as the age-old adage goes, "if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself." Just like that, Snäbb was conceived to be a fully encompassing mobile application to manage communication, calculate and process payroll, organize and distribute invoices, compile and host client and technician databases, automatically record and break down profits analytics chronologically, view schedules at a glance and process quotes in minutes, among so much more.

Snäbb is essentially a full-office staff in one application, and it has streamlined our business and allowed us to focus more on growth, marketing client retention and opportunities versus day-to-day operations. While the process was long and included several months of trial and error, we are now confident that we got it right. We created an app that will not just resolve labor providers’ daily drawbacks but that has the potential to lead these companies to greater success. Snäbb is more than a scheduling software; it's an all-inclusive staffing solution, made by schedulers for schedulers.

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