A Scheduling Solution
at Your Fingertips

In a highly competitive, fast-paced industry, Snäbb offers services that will give an advantage to any labor provider over its competitors. Through the app, users can send accurate quotes and invoices to clients in minutes, your team can enter and manage their own data and you can contact and confirm shifts with your workforce while offering detailed information for each call. Even more, with an overview of locations and times for quick scheduling adjustments and real-time client and contractor analytics, strategic planning and record keeping is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Snäbb's main goal is to essentially provide a digital staff for your scheduling needs all in one place, improving the way you work.

Providing An Essential Service

Snäbb is much more than a scheduling software.

Fast Performance

Within minutes, you can accurately create a schedule, send a quote or invoice, and book talent -- no matter how large the team!

Detailed Database

With Snäbb's detailed analytics, organizing your workforce has never been easier.

Top Security

With Snäbb's high-level security, you can ease work processes through time-saving new technology without worrying about your data being breached. Our best-in-class data security includes routine security audits, around-the-clock monitoring and robust and effective API designed to evolve as digital tools emerge and customer needs change.

The Snäbb Advantage

Personalize The Experience For Your Company

Whether you are scheduling hundreds of contractors at various locations and times or you have a small crew working with just a few requests a month, Snäbb will be able to accommodate all of your business needs.

Accessible from All Locations

Snäbb is compatible with Apple and Android devices. As long as you have an Internet connection or cellular service, Snäbb is accessible from anywhere and on any platform.

Snäbb App

With top-down experience in the field service management industry, we know all the parts that go into creating a thriving labor providing business -- and we built an app to ease processes at all levels. Through Snäbb’s cutting-edge technology, contractors can book assignments, navigate to job sites with an embedded GPS system, clock in and out of gigs -- allowing them to monitor their hours -- and submit and track invoices. Even more, with comprehensive analytics, workers can review reports that’ll help them make smarter job decisions. It's like having a personal assistant and consultant -- for free and on your mobile device.

What People Are Saying

Jonathan Aparicio (TechCon LLC)

“I can see the money on almost every page! As a labor provider, this is HUGE. This is going to change our industry as we know it!”

Christopher Vega (Freelance Technician)

“Snäbb is like having a small organized, efficient and effective assistant at all times, right in your pocket! I can most certainly flourish in the craft with the tools that Snäbb provides as a standard. Technology wins again!”

Elise R. Perry (Video Engineer)

“I love the feel of it. It’s seamless and intuitive. I like the colors too!”

Fertari Netsuziy (Audio Visual Specialist)

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the “schedule” wrong and reported to work at the wrong location, for a totally different client. Thanks to the GPS features that Snäbb offers in the app, that will never happen again.”

Jonathan Adams (Audio Engineer)

"Being a freelance technician means wearing many hats. With Snäbb giving me all my information in one place and easily accessible, makes the hats feel more organized and me more productive."

Lawrence Fletcher

"The Snäbb App is crazy efficient. Keeping my time clock, gig location (actual map), invoice tracking. It’s better than any other “Gig/Freelance Worker” App out. I recommend it to all my fellow techs."

Our App is Available on All Devices. Download Now.